LMS Project is an easy to use online platform for management of payments and related documentation on ANY construction project, large or small. Our unique process and tools empower property owners, bankers, contractors and other project participants by handling today’s labor intensive payment and document collection processes at the click of a button!

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With electronic payments and online lien release submission, our system makes payment disbursements simple and painless for everyone.


Online budget and spending tracking systems give owners and banks access to project expenses in real-time. No more waiting for the next draw request.


Our process ensures project funding is used appropriately by contractors, and that funds are available for payments to project workers.


From EFT payments and online lien releases, to W-9 gathering and 1099 reporting, we save hours of time spent managing paperwork today.


Transparent spending tracking and automated draw requests ensure all parties see the same information at any stage of your project.


A simple to use online portal for project coordination and payment management that ensures all project participants have access to the info they need.


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We are industry professionals with backgrounds in construction and technology services who saw the need for a better way to deal with the painful and time-consuming processes that exist in the industry today. Our unique blend of experience and skills provided us with an opportunity to develop a platform that solves several of today’s issues with construction payment and process management.

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A single solution for a multitude of problems

LMS Project provides a number of benefits for all participants involved in a construction project. From automatic tracking of spending and funds protection for banks and title companies, to fast EFT payments and online lien release gathering for contractors and subcontractors, we have streamlined the documentation and payment processes from start to finish.