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Who We Are

We are industry professionals who saw a need for a better way to manage complex and confusing construction industry problems through a number of simple to use, but powerful online tools. With our diverse backgrounds in not only the commercial and residential construction industries, but also the technology sector, we provide a unique perspective on common construction industry problems.

Our mission is to simplify construction processes and paperwork, while protecting project funding and ensuring fast payments to contractors. Our vision is to create trust through transparency and accountability, and to accelerate project progress through a fast and effective payment process. We have achieved all of this through our patent pending process that is made possible by our easy to use online tools.


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Travis Dangel

Co-Founder & CEO

With years of experience in B2B telecom engineering, as well as commercial and residential IT services, Travis brings a unique blend of experience to the company. His previous roles in managed IT services, web development, and experience as a subcontractor in both the commercial and residential sectors help in creating innovative solutions to the current antiquated processes utilized in today's construction industry sectors.

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Eric Ward       

Co-founder & COO

With a long history of managing both large commercial and residential projects as the president of his own construction companies, Eric brings extensive construction project management experience to LMS Project. Eric's deep understanding of contractor and subcontractor needs, as well as his experience with various construction processes and pitfalls help us to build new and innovative solutions to a number of today's problems.

Our Team

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Cole Boeve

Platform Support

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Diamond Wartenbee

Software Engineer